Making Motion

Ideas Expressed in Motion

Sometimes I have ideas of wonderful, interesting or just funny worlds, scenes and stories in my mind. A mixture of film and 2D/3D animation allows me to share some of these ideas with my audience, which is exactly what I am trying to do.
If you like to, you can follow my progress of becoming a better artist on this website, social media and, very importantly, Youtube, where most of my audiovisual works can be found.

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Anything in Motion


Animation, Simulation, Visualisation, Rendering

Working in 3D is what I love the most. It’s my passion. That is why much of my work is purely 3D, be it animation or still images.


Motion Graphics, Visualisation, Kinetic Typography

Coming from 3D I am currently exploring the world of 2D Animation. It is an interesting addition to my 3D experience and results can be achieved much faster.


Short Film, Documentary, Music Videos

I have made the experience that it sometimes is more efficient to film things, than to animate them. Film is also the core of most of my commercial work.

The Journey of Becoming a Better Artist

I learn something new with every project, and that is not going to change. That is what might hopefully make my journey of trial and error, of long nights and emptied coffee mugs interesting enough for you to follow along.
I can profit from your comments and critiques and you can try to learn with me. Let’s go on this journey together!

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