3D Artist and Physics Student

Jonas Kaiser is a 3D Artist, Motion Designer and Physics Student

I am Jonas, a 21 years old German physics student and 3D artist. Having started at a very young age, I now have almost ten years of experience in 3D animation, graphic design and similar fields. I have started working as a commercial film-maker and 3D artist as recently as 2015. This was just after I had decided to quit my film and motion design studies in favour of my current studies of physics.

I have already been able to gather some knowledge and skills. But I am still keen to learn more and grow as an artist. That is why I like to share my journey of becoming a better artist on my blog with anyone who is interested in following along.

Science and Art

When reading about my fields of interest, some of you might wonder: Art and science – 3D animation and physics studies – do they not contradict each other?

No. It might seem hard to believe, but the more you are learning about the seemingly boring fields of science, the more colorful they become.

That is why the work I would enjoy most would probably have to be art related to science. Creating technical visualisations or animations for popular science publications would allow me to combine my two greatest interests.

Work as 3D Artist and Designer

Even though I mostly prefer working as a 3D artist, I also enjoy filming and animating in 2D. Making Motion is what I love to do, no matter what it is, that I make move. Still, my main expertise is concentrated on 3D animation, filming and (motion) graphic design. Some of the projects I am most proud of can be found on this website, and more will be added continually.

As for personal projects, I like to do animated videos the most. That is why my channel on YouTube is (aside from this website, of course), the most important creative outlet for me.