Introduction to Basic Human Figure Drawing

The Exercise

Recently in my illustration class we learned how to start out when you want to learn to drawn a basic human figure. I will not get into advanced techniques right now, mainly because I am a beginner myself, but I wanted to share with you the way we are currently taught to learn how to get the basic human figure proportions right, which is the foundation for getting more advanced later.

Getting Started

The tool we used for this exercise is a brush pen, which I at first did not really like being forced to buy, but in the end I learned to like it. the reason is its diversity, because the key feature of a brush pen is that you can use it for very thick but also for very thin strokes.
So, here we go: For the exercise you need someone to be your model. Maybe if you are learning together with someone, you can model for each other. Then you just start breaking the human figure into shapes, as you can see in the examples below. This helps understanding the basic human figure proportions, before you start going more into details to draw “the real thing”.

This is basically it. If there is interest in more exercises continuing this one, I will of course be pleased to share some more exercises.