Blender Quick Tip: Loop Cut

How to Create a Loop Cut

Here’s a quick tip, for all the blender beginners out there: In the edit mode in blender, the shortcut [CTRL][L] (both, on windows and mac) creates a loop cut between too edges of an object. Alternatively, if you are not into shortcuts, you can also find this tool via Object->Loop Cut or by pressing the spacebar and typing in “loop cut” (this is a way of searching through more or less all available functions of blender). Before finally placing it by clicking or pressing [ENTER], you can slide the loop cut around to position it the way you want.

Cylinder with Loop Cut in Blender 3D

Sharper Edges

Sharper Edge Using Loop Cut in Blender 3D

This is not only a great tool for modelling, in combination with the Subsurface Modifier loop cuts can also be used to make soft edges harder and more defined, as you can see it here.

Multiple Loop Cuts

One last thing: You are not bound to create one loop cut at a time, instead you can add multiple at once. You can change the number of loop cuts by scrolling up and down. This is very useful for symmetrical modelling or subdivisions bound to only one axis of an object. This is how the loop cuts change when scrolling up or down:

Create Multiple Loop Cuts at Once in Blender 3D

That’s it for this quick tip about loop cuts, I guess. In case this was new to you, you will find that loop cuts will quickly become a part of your everyday’s work in blender. Have some fun with it! 😉

If you are new to blender and would like to see some examples of what can be done using it, please have a look at my project page.