April 2018

Getting Better at Making Games

April 20th, 2018|Games|

While there is no universal truth of what a good game is (or how a game should be made), there are some ways of getting better at making games that you want to make. This article is not about the properties of an objectively good game. Even if those existed, they would be hard to define, I suppose. Instead I want to share with you my experience with getting better at making games you want to make. So here are the three tips I have for anyone trying to get better at making games. They should work just as well for beginners as for intermediates and advanced game-makers:

August 2017

How to Make a Game in 48 Hours

August 29th, 2017|Games, Practice|

Oh no! You have so much work to do, that you really can’t afford to sleep right now. But you’re sooo tired… You need Coffee. A lot. The Ludum Dare is a friendly competition for indie developers and game makers of any kind. The special thing about it is that you only have 48 hours to finish the game and you are completely on your own (in the compo – the jam has less strict rules: 72 hours, teams are allowed).

April 2017

Daily Artwork Month

April 1st, 2017|Practice|

I haven't had enough time to work on my 3D skills as much as I wanted, lately. Thus I have decided to challenge myself to upload daily artworks for one month, starting tomorrow. The goal is not necessarily to create daily renders with complex scenes, because I would not be able to keep up with my schedule. It is rather supposed to be a chance for me to learn new techniques or combine old ones in a way I have not tried yet.

June 2016

May 2016

Basic Human Figure Drawing

May 16th, 2016|Drawing, Practice, University|

Recently in my illustration class we learned how to start out when you want to learn to drawn a basic human figure. I will not get into advanced techniques right now, mainly because I am a beginner myself, but I wanted to share with you the way we are currently taught to learn how to get the basic human figure proportions right, which is the foundation for getting more advanced later.

Disadvantages of Virtual Reality

May 7th, 2016|Technology|

With its technology advancing continuously, what are the biggest disadvantages of virtual reality? It is obvious, that virtual reality is a strong trend in modern technology and that it's development is going to bring us some advantages in the areas of gaming, but also interactive media in general. It can be more immersive than any other screen device and it will be able to generate the most intense gaming experiences. But you all probably know that, which is why I don't want to write about its advantages, but rather about possible or probable disadvantages of virtual reality. I have to say that I am by far not an expert on this field, but I still think that my thoughts may prove valid.

Words in Motion: Rhythm Animation WIP

May 6th, 2016|Typography, Video|

Hello there! I am currently working on the next video of the Words in Motion series: "Rhythm". The concept for this one is the typography, broken into a lot of pieces, floating in space. The pieces are reacting to different sounds the music is made of: When the sound gets louder, the affected pieces will scale up and rotate into position. This way, the word will be best readable, when the music comes to it's climax.

April 2016

Blender Quick Tip: Loop Cut

April 28th, 2016|Practice, Quick Tip|

Here's a quick tip, for all the blender beginners out there: In the edit mode in blender, the shortcut [CTRL][L] (both, on windows and mac) creates a loop cut between too edges of an object. Alternatively, if you are not into shortcuts, you can also find this tool via Object->Loop Cut or by pressing the spacebar and typing in "loop cut" (this is a way of searching through more or less all available functions of blender). Before finally placing it by clicking or pressing [ENTER], you can slide the loop cut around to position it the way you want.