As I regularly (more or less) upload videos of 3D animation, motion design or film to my youtube channel, I also share them on my blog. That is what the category video is here for. And, after all, I really do mostly videos.

June 2016

May 2016

Words in Motion: Rhythm Animation WIP

May 6th, 2016|Typography, Video|

Hello there! I am currently working on the next video of the Words in Motion series: "Rhythm". The concept for this one is the typography, broken into a lot of pieces, floating in space. The pieces are reacting to different sounds the music is made of: When the sound gets louder, the affected pieces will scale up and rotate into position. This way, the word will be best readable, when the music comes to it's climax.

April 2016

January 2016

Blender Sphere Robots

January 17th, 2016|Video|

Looking through my old files, I found an old animation project, which I had not been able to render myself at that time. Being able to use a render farm now, I decided to finally render it out. I quickly added some sounds in Final Cut and now, here it is: