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A Daily Render Everyday in April

I haven’t had enough time to work on my 3D skills as much as I wanted, lately. Thus I have decided to challenge myself to upload daily artworks for one month, starting on the first of April. The goal is not necessarily to create daily renders with complex scenes, because I would not be able to keep up with my schedule. It is rather supposed to be a chance for me to learn new techniques or combine old ones in a way I have not tried yet.

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Daily Artwork as an Artistic Playground

Daily Art

But Why? Well, this blog is mainly about my journey of becoming a better artist, and in April I will try to make daily artworks a catalyst for this progress. I am actually quite excited about it! The commercial work I do is not as 3D-heavy as I wished for it to be, and I feel like I don’t really get to try myself out enough, artistically speaking. That’s why!


Challenging myself to do this daily artwork month is inspired by different people who are or have been doing the same thing. Also this project will give me the freedom to directly make something out of the inspiration I come along in the coming weeks. And if this will somehow work, you might be able to get some inspiration from my work, which I would be very happy about! Inspiration should be a free resource, after all.

Blender 3D

For those of you interested in the software I will use: Mostly Blender 3D. And for those of you knowing what I am talking about, I have started using Filmic Blender and I love it! Also I will do minor post processing in Photoshop, but that will not go any further than color grading and noise reduction, because I want to “keep it real”.

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