Favourite Place

Drawing Exercise: Perspectives and Details

Still trying to make this blog a kind of simultaneous documentation of what I am working on, here is another task we got in our first weeks at university: Illustrate your favourite place/location. As I had just moved in with my girlfriend, I didn’t know any cool places in the surroundings of our new home, so I decided to illustrate the giant couch she had brought with her. I took a few weeks to make sketches and to find the right perspective, which I then tried to perfect.

Here are the final drawing, with which I am quite pleased, and the sketches:


Drawing of some chestnuts at my favourite place
The final drawing of our living room couch, my favourite place
Drawing of couch pillows in my favourite place
A teapot standing around my favourite place
A drawing of my lovely girlfriend at my favourite place
Drawing of a guitar bag behind the couch at my favourite place
Drawing of my favourite acoustic at my favourite place
Final sketch for my favourite place drawing of our living room couch
Side view drawing of my favourite place: Our living room couch