Fractal Doodles in Class

Class Doodle Theme of the Week: Fractals!

As I usually do, I made some pages full of doodles in the past week or so. Some of them are drawings of fractals (or attempts of drawn fractals, anyways).

Drawing fractals turns out to be really useful when you have to do something to keep you interested for quite a while. That may or may not be the case in university, probably depending on the classes. So that’s what I did. Have a look!

Also have a look at my previous doodles, if you like! They are less mathematical but still interesting, I hope. They are a result of the same class, by the way…

Fractal Doodles Gallery

Sketched Fractal Doodle Made in Class
Mixed Fractal Doodles
Doodle of the Dragon Curve Fractal