Progress and Growth of Shapes

Practising to Draw Transitions of Shapes

One of our first assignments we got and the first one I’ve finished was this exercise of drawing shapes blending into each other. This was created with a fineliner on an DIN A3 paper. This study was about understanding shapes, their similarities and differences. And man, did it take long to draw all those teeny tiny squares and circles. But after all it was probably worth it, as I am quite happy with the result. Especially, because this is really not the kind of art I would be doing in my free time.

You can see the final work and three drafts below. Are you also interested in drawing 3D objects and getting their proportions right? Then you can go here to find out how to get some practise.

Drawing Exercise About Progress and Growth of Shapes

Sketchbook Drafts of Progress and Growth of Shapes

First Draft for the Progress and Growth of Shapes Exercise
Second Progress and Growth of Shapes Draft
Black and White Rectangles and Spheres Reflecting Progress and Growth of Shapes


Unfortunately some of the transitions are not as smooth as they should be, but all in all it’s not too bad. And unexpectedly I feel like I’ve learned at least a little bit about shapes and transitions between them. I hope to be able to apply this experience to some later works, maybe even in 3D.