Project Description

Coffee Clicker

A 3D Game Made for the Ludum Dare 39

The 3D game “Coffee Clicker” is the result of my participation in the 39th Ludum Dare, a game making competition. I wanted to challenge myself to make a game within 48 hours, which makes this a personal project. Though I did manage to finish a game in time, I did not want to stop there, so I tweaked the game further, until I was pleased with the result.

Introduction: “Oh no! You have so much work to do, that you really can’t afford to sleep right now. But you’re sooo tired… You need Coffee. A lot.”

Play Coffee Clicker

Play Online (HTML5, needs a while to load)
Download Windows Standalone
Download Linux Standalone
Download Mac OS Standalone

Gameplay of this 3D Game

To win the game, you have to keep you “Caffeine Level” up until the “Chronometer” is empty in the last of four levels. That means drinking enough coffee out of the cup on the right. Otherwise you get too tired and lose. When the cup is empty, use the coffee machine on the left to refill. When the coffee pot of the machine is empty, you need to brew new coffee, but you need money in order to do so. To earn money, you have to do work on the computer. But your caffeine level drops faster while working.

When you have enough money, you can upgrade the cup, machine and computer screen.

Controls: The 3D Game can be played using a keyboard or a mouse. Click on objects to activate their funcitions or use the Q, W, E, R, A, S, D, F keys on the keyboard.

3D Game About Coffee
Gameplay of the Coffee Clicker 3D game

Creating a 3D Game about Coffee


The Ludum Dare has some rules: Every participant has to make a game from scratch in just 48 hours. There is also a theme, which was “Running out of Power” for the 39th Ludum Dare. Being a 3D artist, I of course wanted to make a 3d game.


When I got an email containing the theme “Running out of Power”, I got the idea of a game about working to earn money for coffee, which you need to stay awake and keep working. So that is what I did.


I used Blender 3D to model the assets in this 3D game and made the actual game using Unity 3D. The workflow is very straight forward with this combination. I also created the music from scratch using a MIDI keyboard, a bass guitar and a software drummer.