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Project Description

Abstract 3D Art

One Month of Daily 3D Renders

April 2017 was a very special month to me: I had challenged myself to create an abstract 3D artwork every day for one entire month. This forced me to achieve a more regular creative output. Also, I was able to try out techniques I had not used before, which was really fun!

Some of you may have been following along this project in my blog. Now, with the project being finished, it surely earns this place in my portfolio.

Effectively, I learned a lot about a more efficient process of creation, which will be useful for future progress. I am very pleased with how this project turned out, especially because I was not even sure if I would be able to keep up a daily schedule.

I am definitely proud of the results you can see below, especially in the context of the challenging circumstances I forced myself into. I am definitely thinking about doing this again later this year.

Creating Abstract 3D Art on a Daily Basis


The specifications for this project were simple: Create one render every day for one entire month. It was clear that this would result in abstract 3D art, mostly, because I did not have much time for more advanced modelling. I also wanted to challenge myself, so I could not just rely on techniques I was familiar with.


The idea of daily renders resulted in the following concept: I wanted to work on my lighting skills, procedural techniques and materials. I also focussed on a quadratic format, because I wanted to use this project to kick off my new instagram channel.


I used filmic Blender for all of these renders, which made the lighting process feel far more efficient. The modifiers I used most for modelling were subdivision surface and wireframe. A combination of both resulted in organic and fractal-like shapes.

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