Project Description

The CentreCube: 3D Innovation Project

3D Innovation out of a Blank Cube

The CentreCube is a 3D innovation that could become the centre of your digital home. Besides it’s internal functionalities, including WiFi, a multi-directional sound system and a home cloud, it also enables you to control every digital or technical device in your modern home, from the television to the heaters. This happens through a touch-enabled graphical user interface sorted by rooms. At the same time, the CentreCube is not just some device standing in some room, instead it is a designer coffee table that fits perfectly into a modern home, without looking like the technical multi-tasker it is.

Creating a 3D Innovation and its Visualisation.


The task which started this project was to think of, design and visualise an innovation that could be inside a blank box. So I thought of something that would perfectly fit inside a blank box: A smaller box. Or rather a cube. And one that could be used as an ultimate addition to every modern household, without looking too technical. My rough guideline was to create about one minute of 3D animation and also some posters, for which I mostly (but not completely) just used stills from the animation.


This started the idea of something very practical, say, a coffee table. But not just a coffee table, it would also have the complete functionality of a multimedia remote and combine the functions of a wifi router, a sound system and a cloud storage device. I also wanted it to have a touch screen that would allow the navigation of a more complex graphical user interface. That was another design task on it’s own.


The most challenging part of this project was probably that I did not have any time at all and was moving at the same time. Also, I had to do some 2D work in preparation for the final render (GUI, textures), which I was not used to at that time. The 3D work was relatively simple, but I especially liked working on the abstract beginning of the video, where the 3D innovation called CentreCube literally comes out of the blank box. I also liked working on the music, even though it is mostly made of samples.