Project Description

Kayak Tour: Mecklenburg Lake Plate

Paddling through Mecklenburg in a Travel Video Series

In the summer of 2016, my father, my brother and I went on a kayak tour through the Mecklenburg lake plate. Paddling through the rivers and lakes for about a week, I decided to capture the nature and our journey through it on video. To allow everyone to come along with us on our trip, I made this short travel video series.

Day 1

On the first day of our kayak tour through the Mecklenburg lake plate, we mainly got to know our kayaks, and we crossed our first rivers and lakes. But we also found a secret campsite, which was not even on our map. That is where we put up our tents for the first night.

Day 2

We came to more quiet places on the second day, and to areas where motor boats were not allowed. Here we found the most beautiful and seemingly almost untouched nature, which made the rivers of Mecklenburg almost look like rivers in a jungle.

Day 3

The weather can’t always be nice, and on this day, it was the worst: A thunderstorm kept us away from the water and left us with too little time to continue our tour afterwards. But this gave me enough time to film around at the natural campsite we were staying at.

Day 4

On day four, we were able to give more attention to the surrounding nature. I was able to film more of it than before, and I even captured an eagle trying to catch a fish on video. AT the end of the day, we had returned to the hidden campsite of day one.

Day 5

While examining a smaller lake near a lake we had crossed before, we did not only see more beautiful landscapes: We also saw grey herons up close, giving me the possibility to film them from the kayak. This was only a day trip, so we returned to the hidden campsite afterwards.

Day 6

On the sixth day, we completed our tour. There was some wind, which roughened the lake we had to cross up a bit. Bute because we were used to and quite comfortable in our kayaks by now, that was no problem.

Turning Paddling and Nature into a Travel Video Series


As a personal project, this series started with the wish to document our journey and the beautiful nature we came across. I wanted the videos to feel direct and authentic rather than polished or distorted.

Because of that, I did not bother setting up scenes for the camera. Instead, I filmed most of the material out of the kayak, so the viewer would be able to accompany us on this journey.


I wanted this travel video series to feel like a journal. It did not have to have the smoothest camera or just the most astonishing nature. More important to me was to express how this kayak tour felt to us, in our kayaks at day and tents at night.

The goal was to create one video for each day, and to make it more interesting using very simple motion graphics.


I filmed the kayak tour without any rigs and with the most basic camera equipment I had, because I did not want the filming to get in the way of our journey.

I needed some time to find the right tone for these videos. In the end I felt like the filmed material with some motion graphics made in After Effects would suit the journey well. I also added a calm voice over, telling just the basic information and thoughts of each day.