Project Description

Reality Poster

The Expanding Universe and Everything Else

What is essential to reality? Complexity. Or – to be more precise – complex systems like galaxies, neuronal networks and information structures. But what is real and what is not? This poster is my interpretation of reality, including video games, science and literature, which I think of as important parts of human reality.

A reality poster showing the expanding universe and everything in it


Even pacman is hidden in this reality poster, to represent the reality of video games
To replace a poem by Terry Pratchett, which was in an earlier version, I wrote "An Ode to the Universe", representing literature in this reality poster
Details of galactic, neuronal and information networks in this reality poster
The popular fractal known as Mandelbrot set in this reality poster
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Creating a 3D Typographical Poster about Reality


In typography class we were assigned the task to create a DIN A1 poster about the topic: Reality – Utopia. It had to be a typography poster, meaning that it should mainly consist of typography and not free shapes or images. It may not seem like it at first sight, but if you look more closely you can see that everything in this poster is made up of small letters.


The original meaning of utopia is a place that is not. As the big bang is everything coming into existence from nothing, I wanted to use this image of reality – our universe – coming into existence. This is why the poster display the expanding universe. But I also wanted to show that complexity is an important attribute of our reality, so I decided to use different systems that are part of it.


I created this poster using Blender 3D, as I did not want to be limited to two dimensions. After I had started with a surreal yet mathematical representation of the expanding universe, I mainly concentrated on three important parts of our reality: Galactic systems, information structures and neuronal networks. These layers are all based on the same object, but each shows up differently as they use unique material settings and particle systems.