Project Description

Sphere Robots 3D Concept

Glowing and Rolling Sphere Robots with Legs

This project is the result of a simple idea I had had in my mind for quite a while, before I finally decided to visualise it: Spherical robots that would move by rolling, until they come to a stand by extending their legs. I was also hoping to create something visually pleasing, playing with differently colored lights and how they would come together in a bright, white environment. A while ago I added sound and music to be able to call it finished.

Sphere Robots in this 3D Concept Design
A close up of the sphere robots 3D concept
Close up of the Sphere Robots 3D concept
Sphere Robots 3D Concept

Visualising Sphere Robots as a 3D Concept Design


This definitely started with me just playing around with physics and animation in Blender 3D. But then I wanted to learn to use the rigging system, and because organic shapes were too complex (or rather inconvenient) for me learning, I wanted to do something more technical. Also it was one of my first works using the Cycles render engine.


The idea is simple: Robots, that don’t just walk around, but instead transform into perfect spheres to move by rolling. But at some point they would have to gain control again, so they have to have extendable legs. Even though I am still planning to put them into a more interesting environment, I wanted to see their lights in a simple and bright scene at first, to really see the play of colors.


The first part of the animation, where the Robots are just rolling, was created using physics simulation. The second part is animated by hand, using a rig I made just for these robots. The biggest challenge in realising this 3D concept for me at the time was my limited computing power. That is why the video as you can see it here is a second version, after the first version was less interesting (it was rendered with the Blender Internal render engine).