Project Description

Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine #1: Merry Christmas!

A Christmas-Themed 3D Animated Rube Goldberg Machine

This is the first one of my Virtual Rube Goldberg Machines, and the beginning of me working with physics simulations a lot, which is still one of my favourite things to do in 3D. Everyone who loves physical chain reactions, 3D animations and the christmas holidays – so, basically everyone – will hopefully enjoy this piece, which I created in December 2013.

Creating a Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine about Christmas


I think, this project did not even start with a specific goal, but rather with me playing around with physics simulations in Blender 3D and adding more elements over time. But at some point I decided that this animated rube goldberg machine should be about christmas and, of course, would have to be done in time for the holidays.


The idea was to take different elements that could interact in a physical 3D simulation and combine them into a complete physical chain reaction, ending with “Merry Christmas!”. Of course, I also wanted to give everything a christmas or at least winter related appearance. While it is easy to create huge domino simulations in 3D, this animation is supposed to cover a diversity of possible elements.


While most of this Virtual Rube Goldberg Machine was created a a physical simulation, I had to cheat for one or two small elements because I was not able to balance everything in a way that it looked seamlessly natural by simulation. As for the music, I recorded it in a hurry to finish everything before the 24th of December.