Project Description

Words in Motion: Rhythm

Interpreting the Word “Rhythm” in a 3D Animation

Music has rhythm, that is clear. But visuals can have it, too. There’s rhythm in geometric forms repeated in certain patterns, in colors and, of course, in the cut of videos. This project is my attempt of interpreting the meaning of the word “Rhythm”, as a part of my Words in Motion series.

Creating an Interpretation of the Word “Rhythm”


The idea behind my Words in Motion series is to create interpretations of words using video and audio. The special challenge with visualising the word “Rhythm” in a 3D animation is that it describes auditive stimuli in its most common use, not visual. So I had to create an animation that would somehow be closely linked to rhythmic audio.


My solution to this challenge was to start with the audio, which is strictly rhythmic percussion that grows over time, and then make the 3D typography react to that. Also I wanted to hide the word in the beginning of the piece, so its clearness would be able to grow with the sound coming to a climax. To hide the typography, I decided to break the letters into pieces, so that the pieces would have to come together to create the rhythm, just like different instruments come together in music.


After I had digitally created the music and finished the pieces that would become the “Rhythm” typography, I linke scale and rotation of the 3D objects to the levels of different sound layers of the music. There are eight different layers, and one 3D controller for each one of them. After some optimisation concerning how strong and in what way the objects would react, I finished it all up with lighting and camera.