Project Description

Words in Motion: Complexity

Interpreting the Word “Complexity” in a 3D Animation

What do words mean? Some are easy to understand and define, and some are not. In my Words in Motion series I try to create audiovisual interpretations of English words, using the different instruments I have. These include modelling, texturing, compositing, cutting, and animating both objects and camera. But not just the visuals come into play, as I also try to create sound design reflecting the meaning of the word. In other words: Everything you see and hear in this work is supposed to mean “Complexity”.

Creating a 3D Animation about Complexity


The goal of my Words in Motion series is to create audiovisual interpretations of English words. This means that every detail, every aspect of this 3D animation had to mirror the meaning of the word “Complexity”, from objects and camera movement to cutting and sound design.


The concept was to create a 3D animation based on the meaning of the word “Complexity”. So I wanted to create very complex 3D objects as a base and put them into scene using varying camera work and fitting sounds. My idea for the sound design was a drum solo with complex rhythms, which could also guide the cutting of the piece.


The realisation of this 3D animation starts with a technique of creating very complex objects without having to model every detail by hand. A complex base mesh, which is then mapped onto the text objects using a displacement modifier. The drum solo was created digitally.