Words in Motion: Rhythm Animation WIP

Work in Progress

Hello there!

I am currently working on the next video of the Words in Motion series: “Rhythm”. The concept for this one is the typography, broken into a lot of pieces, floating in space. The pieces are reacting to different sounds the music is made of: When the sound gets louder, the affected pieces will scale up and rotate into position. This way, the word will be best readable, when the music comes to it’s climax.

I am currently rendering the first perspective, and I can show you a first render, to show you the look (although I will of course color grade it later):

WIP Animation: Words in Motion: "Rhythm"

And I can show you an OpenGL render of how the pieces are going to react to the music:

By the way, if you haven’t seen the first Words in Motion video yet, here you go: