Working on a Poster

Utopia and Reality

Today I will show you an unfinished project that I am working on right now for my typography class in uni: A poster about reality and utopia.

I decided to understand utopia as the greek roots of the word allow: οὐ – not, τοπία – location. So my idea was to show the big bang and the expansion of the universe as transition from nothing (utopia) to everything (reality, that is).

To me, the word reality means the beauty and most of all complexity of everything that is. To show this, my goal is to include the imagery of galaxies, neuronal networks, and information structure, inspired by the “map of the internet”. The task is limited to the use of typography only, so I will have to come up with a way of creating the imagery I want using letters.

This is how far I have come up until now (it looks very chaotic right now, as it is in an early stage, but it shows in which direction I want to move). The spiral galaxies are made of tiny letters, because this is for my typography class after all. I created them using particle systems on simple rotating objects.

You can see the final poster here.

  • WIP: Working on a Poster about Reality
  • WIP: Working on a Poster with Galaxies